Securities Clearing and Settlement

As a member of multiple clearing corporations and security exchanges, Axos Clearing has clearing and settlement capabilities for all domestic and foreign securities including multi-currency settlement and reporting.

We support straight through processing of equities, options, mutual funds and fixed income products complemented by a fully automated back office staffed with responsive professionals.

Our trading technology integrates information and analytics from a variety of data providers, sophisticated order execution functionality and post-trade processing applications to ensure timely and accurate trade execution and settlement.

Listed & OTC Equities

Axos Clearing’s trading systems and interfaces ensure the highest standards of accuracy and timeliness. Our relationships with prominent market centers provide enhanced liquidity and marketability. We support all the leading order management and executions systems that can be integrated with our platform.

Fixed Income

Axos Clearing’s experienced fixed income trading department located in our New Jersey office serves correspondents with direct access to an inventory of investment grade municipal, corporate and agency securities as well as structured products and CDs.

Mutual Funds

Axos Clearing’s mutual funds network includes load and no load mutual funds. Axos Clearing has access to all the major mutual fund companies.

Alternative Investments

Axos Clearing has integration capabilities with DTCC’s alternative investment platform (AIP) which provides end-to-end processing for alternative investments, such as hedge funds / funds of funds, private equity, non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs), managed futures, and limited partnerships.

Foreign Transactions

Axos Clearing’s membership with Euroclear provides us streamlined clearance and settlement including access to real time transaction information. For correspondents using the Thomson One Workstation, we provide access to positions and balances held in foreign currency.

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