Michael Scaplen remembers going to conferences early in his career where he would hear traders talk about how technology wasn’t going to change the industry dramatically. We know now those predictions were wildly off-base: every aspect of financial services has been transformed by the massive waves of digitization that have swept across the industry over the last 20 years.

Today, as SVP Sales and Relationship Management at Axos Clearing, Michael benefits from having had a front-row seat on the industry’s evolution. He combines technological and industry expertise with good old-fashioned charm to establish and build connections with potential and existing clients. He thrives on getting to know people, learning about their needs, and building long-lasting relationships. These connections allow him to anticipate correspondent firms’ needs and contribute to the development of innovative and useful technologies and services.

How did he get here?

Michael is competitive by nature. As a lifelong athlete who has participated in sports ranging from running and pole-vaulting to speed-roller-skating, he has the right mindset for success. When Michael finished college with a degree in public relations, he joined Datek Online Holdings Corp on the sales and relationship management side. Staying true to his competitive nature, he laced up and joined the financial services race with the same determination to win that has helped him succeed throughout his life.

Michael quickly realized what a good fit sales and relationship management are for his skill set and personality. He enjoys the competitive nature of the industry combined with the necessity of doing the right thing both by clients and staying on the right side of regulations.

Understanding the needs of our customers is critical to Michael’s goals. Axos Clearing has been providing clearing and custodian services for nearly two decades. While we have our history and longevity, we remain competitive by continuously improving the range of services we offer our firms. Michael helps us anticipate emerging market trends, creating and offering solutions to help our correspondent firms maintain their own momentum and growth.

Michael says:

“We’ve seen technology become increasingly important in day-to-day operations. Additionally, younger investors (Millennials and Generation Z), are pushing fintech, such as robo-advisors and mobile apps.  We see our role here at Axos Clearing as giving our correspondent firms the tools they need to serve their clients and remain competitive in a rapidly changing landscape.”

Leading a Dedicated, Seasoned Team

Michael leads a team of seasoned financial services professionals. They contribute to our history of longevity and stability, demonstrating that we can navigate the inevitable ebb and flow of the economy while guiding our correspondent firms through the same changes. Our people are a critical part of the resources we use to develop the products and technology our correspondent firms need.

Michael doesn’t want to be left behind by the next wave of technology and innovation. Maybe it’s his background in competitive athletics or his decades of business development and sales in a dynamic industry, but he’s not about to be left in the dust.