Today, Dan Opperman is our Chief Technology Officer here at Axos Clearing. But how did this competitive, lifelong lover of finance get here?

When Dan started his first job with Bell Communications Research, his colleagues told him the bank recruiters would be calling. They meant it as a warning, but Dan couldn’t wait to join the finance world.

You see, Dan grew up in a finance-focused home. The Wall Street Journal was the newspaper of choice, and Dan cut his teeth reading about deals, stocks, and the effects of new technology on the finance industry. His early reading habits are the root of his fascination with and passion for the intersection of technology and finance.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science, Dan started his career in telephony research. While interesting, Dan craved a more competitive environment. And when the banking industry came calling, he jumped at the opportunity.

Over the years, Dan has held a variety of positions with increasing degrees of responsibility, developed patented methods and apparatus for facilitating financial instrument trading orders, and become the fintech master who leads our nimble, efficient development team.

Development at Axos Clearing

Dan and his team are expanding our suite of APIs (Application Program Interfaces) and execution products to make every step of the investment process, from opening and funding to balancing and monitoring accounts, efficient and secure. We want to reduce the risk of user-error, increase security, and streamline the process for our firms and their clients.

Dan says that part of the appeal of working in fintech is the competitive nature of the industry. “The competition is a constant race. Clearing and custodian companies typically offer similar products and services, and we all try to outdo each other with clever technology.”

Dan continues, “One of the benefits of working with Axos Clearing is that our team is nimble, which allows us to navigate change quickly. We can adjust our offering as needed to respond to client needs efficiently.”

While Dan isn’t correspondent-facing, our firms are the focus of everything he and his team do. They know your needs, from streamlining real-time reporting to automating transaction processes to save you time.

Our People Matter

We know that our firms choose to work with us. That’s why our people are a critical part of our mission – to deliver outstanding service, technology, and products.

Axos Clearing offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions, building your toolbox to help you serve your clients and grow your business. Dan and his team create proprietary software, including APIs and other programs and platforms to facilitate efficient, real-time trading, and market interactions.

You can learn more about what we do or contact us to discover how we can help you with a suite of clearing, custodial, and technology services and products.