We’re proud to talk about service being one of the pillars we offer our correspondent firms and advisors. While it’s easy to talk about service as a value, it’s not always easy to quantify what great service is, or really provide clarity to what that means. Service isn’t always tangible with clear metrics, but one way to measure it is knowing you have dedicated resources ready to help when you have questions.

For the firms we clear and custody for, one of the names that likely comes to mind is Amy Ausdemore, a Training Development Coordinator and Implementations team member with a proven record of great service. For more than 15 years she has been on the front lines working with our correspondents and advisors. Her overall industry experience spans more than 20 years.

Her role has evolved over that time, and now Amy can be found training firms as they onboard and helping new staff at our correspondent firms learn our systems and technology. She played a pivotal role in the redevelopment of our Axos Connection portal using experience to showcase content based on her experience.

Inside the office, her knowledge of Axos Clearing systems and processes makes her a resource for her peers. She is quick to learn the new systems, updates to existing systems and shares that information with others.

“The best part of working at Axos Clearing is the relationships we build with our Correspondent firms,” Ausdemore said. “We get to know our firms on a personal level and being able to help them with their business needs is so rewarding.  We are true partners helping our firms grow and establish their business with top of the line industry tools and technology and are continuously building and improving upon them every day.  I am very happy to be a part of the Axos Clearing family and look forward to more great things to come!”

We’ve committed to providing 3 pillars of value – service, technology and products. And it’s great to be able to show what great service looks like. One example we’re proud to talk about is Amy!